Immerse Your Guests in Luxury with Our Hotel Scenting Solutions

Enter the land of Hotel Scenting

Are you still struggling to find ways to make your guest's experience memorable from the moment they walk through the doors of your hotel?

You’re not the only one.

But we have a solution. Your brand and your customers can build long-term relationships through ambient scenting. At Smell Better Hawaii, we understand an unforgettable stay goes beyond comfortable beds and exceptional service – it's about creating a sensory experience that lingers long after check-out.

That’s why we focus on creating curated hotel scenting options that help you set the mood. In case you were wondering, hotel scenting is a great marketing tool to draw people in, and keep their senses aroused. Hotel scenting is gaining popularity in most industries, but hotels are definitely a must for hotel scenting experiences.

What could be more unique than scents tailored to your hotel's ambience?

You want to harness the power of smell, and tap into your guests' senses, but how?

You can finally stop racking your brain and leave it to Smell Better Hawaii

Scents that evoke emotions and enhance guest satisfaction can be selected through our custom scenting services.

Stand out in the competitive hospitality industry by offering a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience that will leave guests mesmerized every step of the way.

Experience the art of scent marketing

If you’re looking for new ways to build brand identity, create an emotional connection with guests, and hit a creative roadblock, have you explored the concept of scent marketing?

It's a legitimate strategy supported by scientific evidence that can assist you in forging and nurturing meaningful connections with your brand by engaging your customers' senses.

Allow our ambient scenting experts to help you curate a sensory-appealing experience with custom scents that will stay with customers long after check-out.

Stop & smell all the reasons why scent marketing should be a part of your branding strategy

1. Meaningful guest experiences:

Inviting scents can make guests feel more welcome, relaxed, and inclined to leave a positive review. Ultimately, a pleasurable experience will result in a return to your hotel.

2. Influence guest behavior:

Carefully selected scents encourage guests to spend more time in the hotel's facilities, such as restaurants, spas, and lounges.

3. An effective marketing tool:

A subtle yet effective marketing tool. The scent associated with your hotel can be used in promotional materials, creating a consistent sensory experience for potential guests.

4. Guest satisfaction:

Studies have shown that pleasant scents can enhance overall customer satisfaction. Guests are more likely to enjoy their stay and recommend the hotel to others if they have positive sensory experiences.

5. Positive reviews:

Guests are likely to leave positive reviews for hotels that pay attention to every detail, including the ambience of scent. Positive online reviews can significantly boost your hotel's reputation and attract more guests.

Every Hotel Should Have A Personal Scent - What’s Yours?

Picture your hotel lobby enveloped in a subtle, alluring aroma that captivates every guest upon arrival.

Now, what does it smell like?

At Smell Better Hawaii, we prioritize creating unique aromatic experiences that you and your guests will enjoy. We create customized scents, and aromatic blends that will take guest experiences to new heights. With our extensive fragrance library, we cater to every taste and need.

Let’s Create Your Hotel’s Signature Scent

Fresh linen, an ocean oasis, or a tropical paradise?

Smell Better Hawaii can help you achieve whatever you're trying to sell through our customized scents. Experience the luxury of the finest scents, meticulously crafted to enhance your guests' stay and leave a lasting impression. With years of experience delivering scent solutions and services to a wide range of clients, we are confident of our ability to deliver you the best