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What does your business smell like?

Smell Better Hawaii offers comforting and consistent commercial air freshening services to businesses and individuals throughout Hawaii. As a locally owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on being able to transform and renew spaces with pleasing aromas and fragrances at an unbeatable value. From creating custom scents and aromatic blends for offices, hotels, buildings and homes, to masking or eliminating unwanted odors, we help create a better smelling Hawaii one customer at a time.

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Hawaiian hibiscus
Hawaiian hibiscus

Our Services

Scenting & Odor Control

Our commercial air freshening services are trusted by businesses on all major islands and are available in a variety of service packages and price points. We offer free trials and have no long term contracts. From system installation and maintenance to quality control and management of all aspects of your scenting program, Smell Better Hawaii is there to enhance your experiences through the power of scent.

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Scent Marketing & Custom Fragrances

Scent can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. It can tap into customers' emotions and transform their experiences. Using science and market research, our team of experts can strategically craft custom scents and aromatic experiences for your business to enhance your brand's identity and increase profits.

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On-Call Response & Scheduled Servicing

Our team is committed to helping your spaces smell their absolute best. That’s why we’re always available on-call between regularly scheduled services at no charge to make sure we deliver the absolute best scent experience for your business.

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